Promoting Peace: Churches Living in a Post-Christendom Society

Written by K. Rex Butts

This past Sunday I began a new three-week message series with the Newark Church of Christ called Neighbors: The Church Among Society. The idea of the series focuses on the question of how does the church, as followers of Jesus, live among society as neighbors. At face value, that might seem like a simple task and in some sense it is. However, now that many churches in North America, including the church I serve, find themselves living in a post-Christendom culture, the task becomes more challenging.

The Church: God's New Future Unleashed

The Church: God’s New Future Unleashed
by K. Rex Butts

It isn't any secret that Christianity in the United States is facing some challenges. In a post-Christendom society churches are getting smaller and even closing. There are likely many reasons for this but that is also why there continues to be a market for books on growing churches, connecting with the unchurched, and reaching the next generations (Millennials, iGeneration, etc...).

Why Prayer Time is not Fun!

In today's hyperactive society it is increasingly difficult to slow down. I find it so interesting that people are willing to pay a lot of money to coaches only to be told the basics that we've started to ignore because of the pace of life today. "Rest is important!," "Taking a day off is critical to success!" A new trend? Not at all, we've known it since Genesis. It is even more amazing that we are puzzled by today's massive numbers of children and adults with attention deficit disorders, or struggling with insomnia.