Where is God? by Bob Russell

Where is God?

I’ve received several communications the past few days from Christians who are absolutely distraught over what seems to be the inevitable result of the election.  They aren’t necessarily Donald Trump groupies, but they are deeply concerned about our nation’s drift toward socialism, the expansion of abortion rights, the threat to religious freedom, etc.

Old Testament Passages Good for Every Christian to Know, Part 17

Old Testament Passages Good for Everyone to Know, Part 17

by Douglas Jacoby
We all face disappointment from time to time, so not surprisingly the Bible speaks to this. Unspiritual Cain's face fell when God accepted his brother's offering but not his own (Gen 4:5). The Rich Young Ruler walked away from Jesus, crestfallen, as he realized discipleship's implications for the pocketbook (Mark 10:22).

Sabbath Rest by Elizabeth Hodges

The doctor’s warning still echoes in my mind: “Elizabeth, I can give you medicine, but your body needs rest...an extended period of rest. What are you going to do about it?” After traveling internationally, a parasite’s visit sharply curtailed my ministry responsibilities. Unable to carry out my normal hectic routine, I sought professional help. Born into a ministry family and marrying a pastor means ministry life is all I have ever known. On call 24/7, your body craves seasons of rest. Sundays are often the busiest day of the week.


Dear Keith,
We’ve sought insight from several family members and input from co-workers who have been stranded in the US for months, unable to reenter Thailand. We’ve prayed. A lot. And we cancelled tickets for the flights we were to board tonight for Bangkok, Seoul, and Detroit.