12th February 2017 Bulletin

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Calendar of Events: - before attending please ALWAYS check against troychurch.net/calendar


12th – AFC Meeting – after morning worship services

12th – Corinthian Gathering – 5:00PM @ the church building

14th – Bible Break – Ladies Bible Study – 9:30AM @ the church building

15th – Family Time – 6:00PM @ the church building

15th – Prophecy Class – 7:00PM @ the church building

18th – Eldership Class – 8:00AM @ the church building

18th – Leadership Meeting – 9:00AM @ the church building

18th – Homeless Care Ministry – 11:00AM @ the church building

22nd – Church Potluck – 6:00PM @ the church building

22nd – Devotional Service – 7:00PM @ the church building

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Minister’s Welcome

Good morning & Welcome! It is a blessing to welcome you this morning to our worship gathering. This week the world is gearing up to celebrate love in the form of Valentine’s Day. As a Church, we celebrate love Sunday after Sunday as we gather around the Lord’s Supper. This Sunday, is no different. We gather as a Church, a body of imperfect people, to worship and celebrate LOVE, as shown to us in God’s perfect grace and mercy. The children have chosen the theme for this morning’s worship and it is centered around one of the qualities of LOVE, that of not showing favoritism, of selflessly considering the interests of those around us above our own. Thank you for being here.

This Wednesday – February 15th – Prophecy Study – 7:00PM

This Wednesday we are continuing the study of prophecy. Last time we looked at the prophecies in Deuteronomy. This Wednesday we will move to the book of Joshua.

Family Time 6:00PM-7:00PM: Thank you for coming out last Wednesday. Please bring your take-out and join us for a good time with one another.

Children’s Fundraiser Bake Sale

Our children and youth are preparing a bake sale on February 26 to raise some funds for World Vision providing Zambia with fresh water. We are hoping to raise $100 towards drilling a well that would provide about 300 people with water close to where they live. The bake sale will take place after the church service. See the bulletin board in the foyer for cute ads our kids created. We appreciate your support in this ministry! - Nadya

Corinthian Gathering – today – 5:00PM

Today, from 5:00PM we will meet for our monthly Corinthian Gathering based on the 1 Corinthians 14:26 “When you come together, each of you has a hymn, or a word of instruction, a revelation, a tongue or an interpretation. Everything must be done so that the church may be built up.” Please come and share.

Church POTLOCK – February 22nd – 6:00PM

Please make plans to attend and bring a friend to this month’s potluck and celebrations.

 Assembly Leaders for February

Greeters: Frank

Welcome: Gene

Communion: Gary

Children’s Ministry - Wiggle Room recommended ages: 5 and under (Room 104)

TODAY – Wiggle Room: Ellen

February 19th - Wiggle Room: Melissa

Bulletin Date: 
Sunday, February 12, 2017