12th November 2017 Bulletin

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Calendar of Events: - before attending please ALWAYS check against troychurch.net/calendar


14th – Bible Break - Ladies Bible Study 9:30AM @ the Church Building

15th – Family Time – 6:00PM @ the Church Building

15th – Peak of the Week – 7:00PM @ the Church Building

19th – Men’s Breakfast – 8:00AM @ the Church Building

19th – Church Town Hall – 12:30PM @ the Church Building

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Minister’s Welcome

Good morning! The Peace of our Lord Jesus be with You!

I am excited to be with you this morning and I thank you for being here. We have been loved and called by an amazing God. His love manifested to us all throughout history as He remained faithful to His promise of a Savior. In our Lord Jesus Christ, we received a Savior who did not just saved us, but in Whom the love of the Father was fully demonstrated. As a father I’ve wondered at times (more so with all the shootings going on), what would I do, how would I split myself among my children, whom to protect first, who needs me more, etc. In the end, the only reality is that they are all equal, life would be equally senseless without either one of them. I understand completely Leslie’s comment before all of us boarded a plane together; “If it goes down, at least we are all together.” It may seem crazy but isn’t that what God said in the action of Jesus’ birth and sacrifice for the human kind? Today in our study of Galatians we will zero in towards this truth for God has called us and offered to us so much more than a better way of life, or the promise of life eternal. I pray the Spirit will use this morning to open your eyes to an unspeakable joy and faith. Amen!

This Wednesday – November 15th – Family Time and Peak of the Week

From 6:00PM we will meet to enjoy dinner. Each of us brings his/her own take-out and we all enjoy a time of fellowship and life conversations as we eat.

From 7:00PM we will return to the study of Psalms. We will be talking about the 7th Psalm. Please read it by Wednesday and stay after dinner to talk about it.

Bible Break – November 14th @ 9:30

Priscilla Shirer’s study on THE ARMOR OF GOD. All ladies are welcome and encouraged to share in this time of Bible study and fellowship. This ministry continues to bless those who are able to attend. Please let neighbors, friends and family know about this class. For questions see Mary Clary, Bobbie Westerby or Nancy Schroeder.

Corinthian Gathering

Just a reminder that we are reading through the book of Genesis during this month.

Church Town Hall

Our Church Town Hall is November 19th after the Church Services. I will provide pizza (including gluten free). If you are looking for specific answers, please help us out by writing your questions ahead of time and dropping them in the Suggestion Box so we can address those items during the Town Hall.

Prayers for our persecuted Brothers and Sisters

For those of you who were here on Sunday evening as well as Wednesday I want to remind you of our commitment to pray for the three men we’ve talked about: Ebrahim Firouzi and Hadi Asgari imprisoned in Iran and Bakhrom Kholmatov imprisoned in Tajikistan. Please use the Bulletin Insert as a guide for your prayers for these men who are suffering daily beating, torture and humiliation because of Christ, our Lord.

Christmas Eve @ Troy

In addition to our Christmas Eve service, I would like to have an evening of celebration among our Troy family. I was thinking of a night of carols, finger foods, joy, games and perhaps “white elephant gifts” As Leslie and I will be in Brazil from December 14th to the 22nd, and Christmas Eve Service is Sunday evening, that we could combine Christmas and New Year and get together on December 29th or 30th. However, I would need a list of RSVPs as soon as possible. Who is in? Send me an email, a text, or talk to me. Thank you.

Assembly Leaders for November

Greeters: Gary

Welcome: Elder

Communion: Frank

Prayer Room: Elder

Children’s Ministry - Wiggle Room recommended ages: 5 and under (Room 104)

TODAY – Wiggle Room: Leslie

November 19thWiggle Room: Nadya

Bulletin Date: 
Sunday, November 12, 2017