29th January 2017 Bulletin

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Calendar of Events:- please check troychurch.net as well


31st – Bible Break – Ladies Bible Study – 9:30AM @ the church building


1st – Family Time – 6:00PM @ the church building

1st – Prayer Service – 7:00PM @ the church building

4th – Eldership Class – 8:00AM @ the church building

5th – Congregational Town Hall – after morning services

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Minister’s Welcome

Good morning!

I am blessed to be once again here with you, and I pray that you feel blessed to be here as well. Walking in the doors of this building I always thank our God and Father for His mercy and grace, for His blessings and faithfulness. You may have come here today out of habit, or need, or guilt, or duty, or desire but whatever brought you through these doors today, I pray that when you leave you will be leaving filled with an overwhelming sense of God’s love and presence in your life. You are known! You are loved! You are redeemed and God is not done with you! Most importantly, we serve a God who is able, who always makes a way there where it seems to be no way! All it takes is to trust & obey His calling, His sending, His desire and plan for your life. Do you know it?

This Wednesday – February 1st – Prayer Service – 7:00PM

This Wednesday we are starting a new practice at Troy. Every first Wednesday of the month we will come together for an hour of prayer. As a family, we will bring before God our suffering people, those in need of physical as well as those in need of spiritual healing. We will pray for our congregation, for God’s presence and will to be manifested, and each one of you can bring your own prayer before God as this family joins you before the Father in your request.

Family Time 6:00PM-7:00PM: I really enjoy being able to get together with you on Wednesday evening to share a meal. I like the circle setting where I can see you all and I thank you for continuing to come and fellowship. You bless my heart!

Homeless Care Ministry – 11:00AM

This week I will be sending out the summary of our last week’s meeting and on Saturday we will have our first run at this new ministry.

From Fred & Barb Oja

Dear Church Family, We are grateful for the generous gift! We’ve had lots of out of town company, and the extra funds have allowed us to do some special things with grandkids! Although extra financial help is always appreciated, more than that, we treasure the gift because it represents a bond of fellowship that has been growing for 27 years. That is the thing we most cherish – Thank You! – the Oja Family

Congregation Town Hall – February 5th , next week

Please plan to attend; next week, following the service we will have a Town Hall meeting to update the congregation on latest developments, discuss different issues and listen to concerns (which will be addressed in a follow up meeting due to time constraints).

Assembly Leaders for February

Greeters: Frank

Welcome: Gene

Communion: Gary

Children’s Ministry - Wiggle Room recommended ages: 5 and under (Room 104)

TODAY – Wiggle Room: Family Worship

February 5th - Wiggle Room:Jan

Bulletin Date: 
Sunday, January 29, 2017