30th October 2016

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Calendar of Events:- please check troychurch.net as well


31st – Halloween at Troy – 6:00PM – 8:00PM


1st – Bible Break – 9:30AM @ the building

4th-5th – Fall Giveaway at Troy

6th - Corinthian Gathering - 5:30PM @ the Church Building

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Minister’s Welcome

Good morning! Another week has ended and October is just about gone as well. Time races unrepented over our plans and dreams. A day ends and another begins. A month ends and another begins. A year ends and another begins. We live life, or at least we try. We race against the ticking of the clock from morning to night so we can begin again in the morning and so seldom we get to stop and reflect, to think and ponder our journey. What are you racing for? If you were to stop and consider your life, is it a chase after the wind? After things, you can’t hold unto, or things who are not as satisfying as you thought while chasing after them, as Solomon describes? The Bible tells us that

Life is to know God. Not just life, but life eternal, so this morning, let us defeat time and taste true life as we gather as a church with the promise of God’s certain presence in our midst. This is not just a place today, this is a holy place, where the body of Christ has come together, marked by sin, hurting and bruised, to taste life, to resurrect! Fill yourself with His presence and let His LOVE raise you above time and chase, into the eternity of His relationship.

This Wednesday – November 2nd – Giveaway Set-Up

This week, on Wednesday, we will set up for the Give Away. Bring your donations and please stay after dinner and help us set up the tables for the Giveaway. As you are able, please come back on Thursday to help sort the items and arrange them on tables.

Before that we will enjoy dinner together from 6:00PM this week is Team 1 – Jan, Lora & Keith, Leslie & Manu, Charles & Maureen.

Bible Break – 30th session –  Our Father in Heaven…Teach Us to Pray–  Tuesdays from 9:30AM

Invite a friend!

Halloween Candy Carnival, Oct 31st, 6-8pm

Just a reminder the kids Halloween event we are hosting Monday night. Luke and Leah have made goody bags for the kids. Please invite friends and family, it is a fun a safe place to meet new people and have some fun! Thank you for all your help!

Giveaway, Nov 4-5

The bi-annual giveaway is coming up soon, so if you have anything you would like to donate, please see Gary or Diane. We can store some stuff at the building (space permitting), or you can bring it Wednesday, Nov 2nd when the church will be helping to set up for it all after our Wonderful Wednesday Meal. If you would like to donate money to the food drive (food gift cards), please give to one of the elders or Lisa Jones. If you want to help organize the clothing or help Friday or Saturday, please sign up in the hallway next to the bulletin board. Thank You.

Assembly Leaders for November

Greeters: Frank

Welcome: Shirley

Communion: Lauren

Children’s Ministry

TODAY – Children’s Worship: Lisa & Giulianna

                 Nursery: Shirley

November 6thChildren Worship: Pat & Nadya

November 6thNursery:(Leslie)?

Bulletin Date: 
Sunday, October 30, 2016