30th September 2018

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Calendar of Events: - before attending please ALWAYS check against troychurch.net/calendar


30th – Town Hall – immediately following the services


3rd – Family Time – 6:00PM @ the Church Building

3rd – Prayer & Acapella Worship – 7:00PM @ the Church Building

7th – Corinthian Gathering – 6:00PM – Location TBD

- New items added to the calendar will appear in red font when first added

Minister’s Welcome

Good morning on this last Sunday of September. I pray you had a good week and was able to enjoy, among fall rain, some sunshine as well. Thank you for being here this morning to worship with us. Your presence here is an encouragement to all around you. As a small congregation, more resembling  a home church than anything else, the absence of any of us is easily noticed. So, if you notice the absence of any of our numbers please take time this week to reach out to them, let them know we missed them and make sure they are not in any need.

If this is your first time at Troy, we thank you for visiting us and we pray that your time here will be blessed, and that God will provide answers to any of your questions, as well as comfort and encouragement in all the areas you need.

God is indeed great, and His love is shown in so many areas of our lives. Today we want to give Him thanks for His love, for His care for us, for being mindful of us as we can always count on His faithfulness.

This Wednesday – October 3rd – Prayer & Acapella Worship

Please come Wednesday at 6:00PM and have your dinner with us. Thank you to all who made last week’s potluck a wonderful time. This Wednesday however bring your own brown bag and spend the hour with your faith family.

Following our dinner, from 7:00PM we will have our monthly prayer hour but I will also prepare several acapella worship songs recording to sing along with that I pray will put a song in your heart and lift you up.

Birthdays this week:

Barb Oja (3rd)

Baby Boy Appolson Potluck Shower – NEXT SUNDAY

Please make plans to attend a baby shower for the Appolsons on Sunday, October 7th. They are registered at Amazon and Buy Buy Baby. For more information please see Nadya.

Town Hall

Today, after services, we will have a short Town Hall. It will be brief so please stay and participate.

Next Upcoming Event: Halloween @ Troy – October 31st

– as last year, we will organize several “minute to win it” games and would love to have you over. It is a wonderful opportunity to meet neighbors and to have some fun playing together some really fun games.

Persecuted for their faith

As I mentioned previously, we praise God for the release of Hadi Asgari for whom we prayed while he was imprisoned for 593 days. Bakhrom Kholmatov remains incarcerated and has been in prison for 538 days now. If you feel inspired to write to his family and encourage them, please do so at Family Kholmatov, Mikrorajon 32, house nr. 50, Hudjand, Sogdijsk region, 735700, Tajikistan.

Ebrahim Firouzi remains incarcerated in Iran and since April 17th of last year nothing is known about his condition.

To our list we will add a new name in place of Hadi in next week’s bulletin I will write more about her. Her name is Asia Bibi and is a Pakistani Christian woman arrested for blasphemy against the prophet and condemned to death. She has been imprisoned for 3390 days, yes, three thousand +…

Assembly Leaders for October

Greeters: Frank & Fran

Welcome: Jan

Communion: Lauren

Prayer Room: TBA

Children’s Ministry - Wiggle Room recommended ages: 5 and under

TODAY – Wiggle Room: Need a volunteer!

October 7thWiggle Room: Lauren

Bulletin Date: 
Sunday, September 30, 2018