5th November 2017 Bulletin

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Calendar of Events: - before attending please ALWAYS check against troychurch.net/calendar


5th – Corinthian Gathering – 5:00PM @ the Church Building

7th – Bible Break - Ladies Bible Study 9:30AM @ the Church Building

8th – Family Time – 6:00PM @ the Church Building

8th – Peak of the Week – 7:00PM @ the Church Building

19th – Men’s Breakfast – 8:00AM @ the Church Building

19th – Church Town Hall – 12:30PM @ the Church Building

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Minister’s Welcome

Good morning and a Happy November to you! I know, it is probably a bit confusing as Christmas music and Christmas displays are already in the stores and Thanksgiving isn’t even close yet. Our world today seems to be always rushing from one thing to another, as if we are afraid to stand still for a moment. Perhaps we are! Because standing still means thinking, and thinking means listening to the Spirit and listening to the Spirit means realizing the emptiness and the idolatry prevalent everywhere. Today we are discussing the role of the Law as explained in Galatians and Romans by the Apostle Paul. After having seen last Sunday that Abraham was saved by faith, today we will discuss if the Law has any part in our life today or not. We all know we are saved by faith, but does that mean we can ignore the law? Isn’t the absence of God’s Law the reason for the mess, the idolatry and the void that exists in the world today? I pray that after this morning’s assembly you will be able to answer these questions with certainty and the answers will give you that much more a reason to praise God!

This Wednesday – November 8th – Family Time and Peak of the Week

From 6:00PM we will meet to enjoy dinner. Each of us brings his/her own take-out and we all enjoy a time of fellowship and life conversations as we eat.

From 7:00PM we will spend an hour in prayer. November is the month of the Persecuted Church and although any petitions on your heart are welcome to be expressed, I would like us to focus on praying for those who are persecuted today, who are in prison, who are suffering for Christ in a way we have been spared so far.

Holyween at Troy – Thank you

I want to Thank you for all your Holyween donations of candy and prizes. I also want to thank those of you who made it here and helped, especially Keith who went out and bought the doughnuts and cider from the Cider mill. We had an absolute blast, children and adults. We had between 20-30 neighborhood guests and 10 of our own. I counted about 15 adults from the neighborhood alone, many of whom participated in the “minute to win it games”

Bible Break – October 31st @ 9:30

Priscilla Shirer’s study on THE ARMOR OF GOD. All ladies are welcome and encouraged to share in this time of Bible study and fellowship. This ministry continues to bless those who are able to attend. Please let neighbors, friends and family know about this class. For questions see Mary Clary, Bobbie Westerby or Nancy Schroeder.

Corinthian Gathering

I had an idea and want to run it by you all. As the Corinthian gathering takes place once a month, how would you feel about reading one book of the Bible each month? It will take us five and a half years to read the Bible this way, but I think you can continue your yearly Bible Study plans and in addition take this five-year journey. Each month we will focus on a Book of the Bible and then come together and talk about it. Exchange questions, opinions, research for one hour and then move on to the next book. We will start in December with Genesis. So, from now to December 3rd you will read and study through Genesis. What do you think? Reply in Suggestion Box in the Lobby. Thank you.

Church Town Hall

Our Church Town Hall is November 19th after the Church Services. I will provide pizza (including gluten free). If you are looking for specific answers, please help us out by writing your questions ahead of time and dropping them in the Suggestion Box so we can address those items during the Town Hall.

Assembly Leaders for November

Greeters: Gary

Welcome: Elder

Communion: Frank

Prayer Room: Elder

Children’s Ministry - Wiggle Room recommended ages: 5 and under (Room 104)

TODAY – Wiggle Room: Lisa

November 12thWiggle Room: Linda

Bulletin Date: 
Sunday, November 5, 2017