7th January 2018 Bulletin

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Calendar of Events: - before attending please ALWAYS check against troychurch.net/calendar


7th – Corinthian Gathering – 5:00PM @ the Church Building

9th – Bible Break – Ladies Bible Study – 9:30AM @ the Church Building

10th – Family Time – 6:00PM @ the Church Building

10th – Study of Psalms – 7:00PM @ the Church Building

20th – Ladies “Prayer & Share resumes @ 10:30

28th – Harish & Nita Baby Shower

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Minister’s Welcome

Good morning to you on this first Sunday of 2018! Allow me please to wish you a 2018 year filled with the presence of God in your life, your thoughts, and all your actions. May this year be a year of discovery, of wonder and of understanding. A year in which God’s work be fully manifested in and through your life.

We are almost done with the Letter to the Churches in Galatia. If I am able today, then next week we will start a series of topical sermons and we won’t tackle another sermon series from a specific book in the Bible until September.

Thank you for being here this morning! Thank you for your continued prayers for the Ministry at Troy. It is my prayer that your presence here today will be blessed by our Father with PEACE. Peace in your mind, peace in your heart, peace in all aspects of who you are. Whatever burdens you’ve been carrying, I pray you will leave at God’s feet and you’ll embrace the freedom and promise of peace. It is yours and it is freely given, please accept it today.

This Wednesday – January 10th – Family Time, Study of Psalms

From 6:00PM we will meet for our Family Time. Please bring your take-out food and eat it while enjoying the company of your brothers and sisters in Christ.

From 7:00PM we return momentarily to the Study of Psalms. This Wednesday we will look at Psalm 9.

Ladies “Prayer & Share”

The “Ladies’ Prayer and Share” gatherings will resume on Saturday, January 20th at 10:30 at our church building. Contact Nancy Schroeder or Mary Alice Cowie if you have never attended and have questions

Harish & Nita Baby Shower – January 28th

We will have a baby shower for Harish and Nita on January 28 immediately following services. Potluck supper followed by shower. ALL are invited to stay, eat, and celebrate! More information to follow. They are registered at Target and Toys-R-Us.

Corinthian Gathering – January 7th – 5:00PM

Our next Corinthian Gathering takes place this evening from 5:00PM. We will talk about the Book of Exodus. If you read it please share things that have captured your interest or built your faith. If you did not read it, that is ok, come and listen, it may just motivate you to go home and dive into this book.

January Potluck – January 31st – 6:00PM

This month’s Troy Church Potluck and Birthdays/Anniversaries celebration will take place on January 31st. Please mark your calendars.

Ladies Bible Study – Bible Break – Tuesday, January 9th – 9:30AM

Our Ladies’ Bible Break class will meet this Tuesday, January 9th at 9:30 am. This is a good time for anyone to join our study and fellowship. Please invite friends, neighbors and family.

Assembly Leaders for January

Greeters: Ron

Welcome: Linda

Communion: Lora

Prayer Room: TBA

Children’s Ministry - Wiggle Room recommended ages: 5 and under

TODAY – Wiggle Room: Nadya

January 14thWiggle Room: Anya

Bulletin Date: 
Sunday, January 7, 2018