7th May 2017 Bulletin

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Calendar of Events: - before attending please ALWAYS check against troychurch.net/calendar


7th – Corinthian Gathering – 5:00PM @ the church building

9th – Bible Break – Ladies Bible Study – 9:30AM @ the church building

10th – Family Time – 6:00PM @ the church building

10th – Ravi Zechariah – 7:00PM @ the church building

21st – Church Town Hall – 12:30ish @ the church building

24th – Church Potluck & Celebrations – 6:00PM @ church building

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Minister’s Welcome

Good morning on this first Sunday of May. I hope you had a good week, and if you happen to have not had a good week, I am glad you are here. I pray that your time in our midst today will be uplifting and comforting. As we enter this corporate worship I want to remind us all that we’ve come together to give honor and glory to God in worship, and as the Bible teaches us, worship to God is the action of our hearts expressed, not only in song and prayer, but in the love expressed to one another.

The theme for our service today is focused on the last aspect of the fruit of the Spirit in our lives; Self – Control. If you are like me, this subject humbles you profoundly, and at the same time makes us so grateful for the grace that God has given us. Knowing that Jesus is at the same time the standard of righteousness the world is judged and saved by is an amazing thing, truly worthy of glory and our praise. Thank you for being here today, May God fill you with His Spirit!

This Wednesday – May 3rd – Ravi Zacharias video series – 7:00PM

This Wednesday, we will conclude the series which is led by Gene Cowie. This is a series focused on the defense of our faith (Apologetics) by Ravi Zecharias and his organization and was filmed at U of M and Michigan State University.

Family Time - 6:00PM-7:00PM: I hope to see you this week for our Family Time, a time when we each grab our own take-out food and eat it while spending an hour together talking of life, work, hobbies, vacations and whatever else family talks around the dinner table.

Sunday Bible Class

We’ve been studying the Life of Jesus – An In-Depth Comparative Study of the Gospels for a couple of years now. Although I know that some of you enjoy this type of study, I also know that some of you don’t. For those of you who want to continue this study I was thinking of moving it to a different time perhaps and switch things up for the summer Bible School, until Jon is ready to begin his study in September. Please provide some feedback. Thank you.

Church Town Hall – May 21st  

On May 21st after the morning services we will have our Quarterly Town Hall. This will be different than our Annual Town Hall and it will happen in one session and will be more of a round table report and discussions on several topics of our congregational life and mission. Please make plans to attend and bring a brown bag or grab takeout from around this area. We should have 30 minutes between the end of the service and the time we begin so everyone can get some food.

Worship Committee

We are looking for volunteers to join the Worship Committee. There will be a signup sheet in the foyer

Assembly Leaders for May

Greeters: Isabella & Giulianna  

Welcome: Elder

Communion: Lauren

Prayer Room: Elder

Children’s Ministry - Wiggle Room recommended ages: 5 and under (Room 104)

TODAY – Wiggle Room: Valya

May 14th - Wiggle Room: Leslie

Bulletin Date: 
Sunday, May 7, 2017