14th August 2022 Bulletin

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Calendar of Events: - before attending please ALWAYS check against troychurch.net/calendar


14th – Bible Classes – All Ages – 10:00AM – in person & Zoom

14th – Worship Service – 10:00AM – in person & Zoom

16th – Zoom Bible Reading – 1 Timothy 1-3 – 7:15PM

17th – Family Time – 6:00PM @ Troy Church

17th – Philippians Study – 7:00PM – In person & on Zoom

19th – Zoom Bible Reading – 1 Timothy 4-6 – 7:15PM

21st – Bible Classes – All Ages – 10:00AM – in person & on Zoom

21st – Worship Service – 11:00AM in person & on Zoom

- New items added to the calendar will appear in red font when first added

Minister’s Corner

Shalom aleikhem! שָׁלוֹם עֲלֵיכֶם Peace be upon you!

Thank you for being a part of our worship service this morning. Your presence here is a blessing and an encouragement you may not be aware of until after your time in this life ends. Know that when you bend your will to God’s and allow yourself to be directed by the Spirit, God works through you not only in visible ways but in invisible ways, in the hearts and minds of those around you who see your faith and are lifted up, who see your battles and are encouraged. In His wisdom God ordained Jesus’ followers into a body, the church, and we are so intertwined and interdependent spiritually that trying to go it alone is practical insanity. Each one of us has things to offer to the body of the church that make it healthy, that help it thrive and fulfill the calling God has made to it, to us all. Let us focus as one and raise our hearts and our voices to praise!

This Wednesday – August 17th – Family Time & Philippians Study

On Wednesday, we will meet in person for our Family Time at 6:00PM for those of you who want to bring their meal and eat it in the company of other brothers and sisters. This is our weekly fellowship meal.

From 7PM, we will continue the Bible Study on the book of Philippians with Caleb Simmons which will also be available to those interested in participating on Zoom.

Anniversaries this week: Jeremy & Shana Parent (17th)

Zoom Bible Reading – Tuesday & Friday - 7:15PM-7:45PM

Please join us as we read through the New Testament. This week we will read on Tuesday 1 Timothy 1-3 and on Friday we will read 1 Timothy 4-6, if you want to catch up to where we are.

Water Contamination in the Area

We received an advisory warning Saturday from the city of Troy that there was a water main break and water is contaminated and therefore we are not to drink from the tap water at church. That means no coffee with tap water either. Stores are pretty empty of water already so if you are coming from an area where water is not a problem and stores still have water you may want to bring a gallon with you.


This morning you can make your offering online at https://troychurch.net/give

Or, by sending a check to Lisa Jones. Thank you.

We bring our requests to you O Lord:

For those who have suffered loss: Oja & Pryludko Families; Lora Price, Nancy Schroeder, Mary Alice Cowie, Wright Family; Clary Family;

For those healing: Kerry Appolson; Bobby Westerby; Fred Oja, Linda Palmer, Kerrie Birdwell, Pat Zurlinden, Landon Oja.

For the people of Ukraine

Faith is not the belief that God will do what you want.

Faith is the belief that God will do what is right.

Max Lucado

Bulletin Date: 
Sunday, August 14, 2022