20th February 2022 Bulletin

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Calendar of Events: - before attending please ALWAYS check against troychurch.net/calendar


20th – Bible Classes – 10:00AM – In person & ZOOM

20th – Worship Service – 11:00AM – In person & ZOOM

21st – Zoom Bible Reading – 7:15PM

22nd – Bible Break – 10:00AM – in person & Zoom

23rd – Family Time – 6:00PM @ Troy Church

23rd – The Chosen – 7:00PM – In person & Amazon Prime

24th – Zoom Bible Reading – 7:15PM

27th – Bible Classes – All Ages – 10:00AM – in person & on Zoom

27th – Worship Service – 11:00AM in person & on Zoom

- New items added to the calendar will appear in red font when first added

Minister’s Corner

Shalom aleikhem! שָׁלוֹם עֲלֵיכֶם Peace be upon you!

As always, I want to at first express my gratitude for your choice to be a part of our worship at Troy this Lord’s Day and every Lord’s Day. I am encouraged by your faith and resilience in the face of daily challenges I am sure you face as you battle to remain faithful to our Lord. We are engaged in a battle that often exhausts us, but we must never forget that ultimately the battle belongs to our Lord. As such, we must fight this battle with the strength that the Lord provides and not in our own strength. It is hard to do so, it takes the true step of faith, to let the Lord battle for us. We feel a greater level of comfort and security when we are “in control” and battle in our strength and wisdom, even though again and again it has been proven to us that when we do so, we fail. Today is another chance to come before God, to acknowledge our submission to His will and desire for our lives and move over in the passenger seat in order to give Him the reigns. Lord, lead us to victory!

This Wednesday – February 23rd – Family Time & The Chosen Series

On Wednesday, we will meet in person for our Family Time at 6:00PM for those of you who want to bring their meal and eat it in the company of other brothers and sisters. This is our weekly fellowship meal. Since the second hour we will be watching a movie, we will open our Zoom from 6PM, shut it off at 7PM during the movie.

From 7PM, we will be watching the series Chosen about the life of Christ. We will watch Episode 5 of season 1.

Zoom Bible Reading – Monday & Thursday 7:15PM-7:45PM

Thank you for joining us for our Bible reading time and thank you Claudia for reading this past week. What a blessing!

Metro Detroit Youth Chorus at Troy – March 6th

 We are two Sundays away from the 40-chorus youth being hosted by our congregation. Lisa has graciously accepted to help me feed these young singers and their families and I am looking for volunteers to help her. We will have a baked potato bar; salad, and for dessert have an ice cream bar. Donations are welcomed, please specify on your check that it is for MDYC lunch. Please contact me or Lisa directly.


This morning you can make your offering online at https://troychurch.net/give

Or, by sending a check to Lisa Jones. Thank you.

We bring our requests to you O Lord:

For those who have suffered loss: Dick Martin, Lora Price, Nancy Schroeder, Mary Alice Cowie, Alanda Slusser, Dennis Setter, Karl Randall; Wright Family; Clary Family

For those healing: Fred Oja, Barb Oja, Linda Palmer, Kerrie Birdwell, Dorel Burtoiu, Pat Zurlinden, Diane Flatt, Fran Birdwell, Brad Imhoff, Landon Oja; Volodya Pryludko;

The value of any 'THING' is whether or not God is a part of it. Andrew Farland,

Bulletin Date: 
Sunday, February 20, 2022