Overwhelming Silence

Have you ever been in a situation where all you could do what sit and think? There was nothing to do but delve into your own thoughts and prayers. To some, that would be an amazing thing to experience, others, their worst nightmare. At the Orfield Labs in South Minneapolis there is a room that is %99.99 sound absorbent. That means it is so quiet you can here your own blood pulsing through your ears. The longest anyone has lasted in that room is 45 min. I thought that seemed silly, and I could totally beat that record.

Listening - The Lost Art Form

“I just need someone to listen.” I have heard those words a few times in my life, and I am sure they are said on a daily basis. Whether it is a friend, a family member, or even a stranger, we all want someone to listen. Listening helps us feel loved. Just recently I heard someone say that love is spelled T.I.M.E., and how true that is. When we need someone to just sit and hear our stories, the time and focus they put into it helps us to feel the love they have for us. But that art form has been dying for some time now.


The Ride

When we see life, we can never see the whole thing. We know things will come that surprise us, and other times we see it coming from a mile away; but one thing we will never understand is God. All that He does in our lives, even the fact that He gave us life can sometimes seems such a mystery. Of course, we can understand some things about Him and His role in our lives, and through reading His Word we have many questions answered, yet in our own lives the story that unfolds is greater than we could ever imagine. Let me explain.

The “Wise” Words of a Newlywed Man

DISCLAIMER: I know I am just newly married (1 week, 4 days, and happily counting), so my marital advice, or more accurately, “nuances noticed from my new married life” (I know, a mouthful, right?) is not going to be as wise, or deeply sought after as those who have been together for more years than I have been alive. Yet, a newly wed does offer a unique view, and this is one of those views.

Jesus Smelled The Roses, Will You?

           What are you doing this weekend? Where do you see yourself in five years? What are your plans for the holidays? It seems we as a society feel the need to live in the future. We see that in television and the futuristic connotations of some shows, in movies, where it seems half of them today are post-apocalyptic, and even our jobs, where the goal is to be promoted and eventual “be a success”.

How To Be Afraid Like A Child

How To Be Afraid Like A Child

           Whether you are confident or self-conscience, extroverted or introverted, or really any kind of personality, you will go through hardships. Even the toughest man cries at least once in their life. So, in that moment or moments, there is a time where we revert back to a child. Not so much the immaturity (although sometimes people can act like brats when they are upset), but more of the fear of a child.