Pray or Study

Study or pray—that is the question. As biblical scholars where are we drawn to find kinship with God? For most believers, the answer is clear: pray regularly and sincerely. For those of us who invest ourselves into biblical and theological research, pouring over books being intellectually and spiritually mined for a closer understanding of God in some particular aspect of his character, his ways, and his book, the answer can get complicated.

Overwhelming Silence

Have you ever been in a situation where all you could do what sit and think? There was nothing to do but delve into your own thoughts and prayers. To some, that would be an amazing thing to experience, others, their worst nightmare. At the Orfield Labs in South Minneapolis there is a room that is %99.99 sound absorbent. That means it is so quiet you can here your own blood pulsing through your ears. The longest anyone has lasted in that room is 45 min. I thought that seemed silly, and I could totally beat that record.