How To Be Afraid Like A Child

How To Be Afraid Like A Child

How To Be Afraid Like A Child

           Whether you are confident or self-conscience, extroverted or introverted, or really any kind of personality, you will go through hardships. Even the toughest man cries at least once in their life. So, in that moment or moments, there is a time where we revert back to a child. Not so much the immaturity (although sometimes people can act like brats when they are upset), but more of the fear of a child. It is that same feeling you got when you had to go down into a dark basement, or your parents left you with some relatives while they went on a trip, or even losing your favorite toy. It is the fear of the unknown, or the emptying of your heart.


            I remember the loss of my grandmother Violet in that same fashion, despite being in high school, standing 6ft 2in and being on the swim and track teams, I still felt like a lost child in a dark forest when I found out she was no longer with us. An emptiness occurred, and all I could do was feel numb and at a loss for words. These struggles come in all shapes and sizes, but the reality is, there is always a way out.


            As a child when we felt lost or fearful, our immediate reaction was running for protection; that may be a parent, grandparent, or the person who cared for you most. We wanted to run right into their arms and be told everything will be all right. When we were angry we wanted to be held as we beat their chest in frustration, when we were frightened we wanted to dig our heads deep into their arms and hide, when we were embarrassed we wanted to hide behind them and pretend we did not exist. Whatever the occasion, we wanted open arms to run into.


            We can do the same thing now. We are adults, we work, we build, we provide, but we still struggle and fear. God never wanted us to lose our sense of need, he even said in Matthew 18:3-4 “Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.” Children are never afraid to seek help, guidance, or strength. We need to remember that as adults.


            So, as you go through life and find those struggles that bring you to your knees, remember, God is there with open arms. He wants you to run to Him and be enveloped with His Great Love, to be Strengthened by His Mighty Arms, and to be Protected by His Amazing Power. Here is Psalm 91, a Psalm that I would suggest you read and even memorize, but it is a beautiful passage that shows God’s amazing love and protection that He gives us. It speaks of the multitude of ways that He protects each and everyone of you.


Psalm 91:1-4 (The Voice)

1 He who takes refuge in the shelter of the Most High

    will be safe in the shadow of the Almighty.


He will say to the Eternal, “My shelter, my mighty fortress,

    my God, I place all my trust in You.”


For He will rescue you from the snares set by your enemies who entrap you

    and from deadly plagues.


Like a bird protecting its young, God will cover you with His feathers,

    will protect you under His great wings;

    His faithfulness will form a shield around you, a rock-solid wall to protect you.


5 You will not dread the terrors that haunt the night

    or enemy arrows that fly in the day


Or the plagues that lurk in darkness

    or the disasters that wreak havoc at noon.


A thousand may fall on your left,

    ten thousand may die on your right,

    but these horrors won’t come near you.


Only your eyes will witness

    the punishment that awaits the evil,

    but you will not suffer because of it.


For you made the Eternal [your] refuge,

    the Most High your only home.


10 No evil will come to you;

    plagues will be turned away at your door.


11 He will command His heavenly messengers to guard you,

    to keep you safe in every way.


12 They will hold you up in their hands

    so that you will not crash, or fall, or even graze your foot on a stone.


13 You will walk on the lion and the cobra;

    you will trample the lion and the serpent underfoot.


14 “Because he clings to Me in love,

    I will rescue him from harm;

    I will set him above danger.

Because he has known Me by name,


15 He will call on Me, and I will answer.

    I’ll be with him through hard times;

    I’ll rescue him and grant him honor.


16 I’ll reward him with many good years on this earth

    and let him witness My salvation.”


My Prayer For You: “I pray that You oh God may help me and those reading this, to understand that you love each and every one of us so deeply that you will run to us every time you hear our cry. I pray that you open our hearts to see that you are always there watching over us, and even though we may get hurt at times, You will be there to hold us and heal us. We love you and Thank You, Amen.”