Walk with Jesus Setup List

Walk with Jesus Setup List

We're looking forward to this coming weekend's "Walk with Jesus" event and already have a number of volunteers for setup and materials.  The following is a list of the setup needs:

Materials needed (bring all the materials before Saturday 10am):

30-40 pillows or cushions;

20 tubs for washing feet;

30 clean hand towels for drying feet;

Fake or real trees to make a garden of Gethsemane;

Lamps for garden of Gethsemane (preferably old-fashioned looking);

Brown or black blankets for making a tomb for Jesus.

Volunteers needed:

6-7 volunteers for setting up (we’ll do it on Thursday);

6-7 volunteers for changing the decorations during the event;

2 people responsible for filling the tubs with water for washing feet and distributing towels (during the event);

6-7 volunteers for cleaning up after Saturday event and preparing for Sunday event;

2-3 volunteers for hiding eggs on Sunday (smaller kids will look in the closed area for toddlers. Older kids will look elsewhere outside in case of dry weather; if there is rain, we can hide eggs for little ones in the nursery; and in the children’s room for the older kids.

As many volunteers as we can get for cleaning up on Sunday after the event and putting back the chairs in the auditorium.

If you can help with any of these items please use the comments section below to tell what you can do/bring.  Thanks so much!


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Jan is going to bring 4-6 tubs, a floor plant and 6 towels.

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Nancy Ahern has a number of standing trees that she will either bring on Wednesday or we can pick up during the week.

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Shirley has volunteered to hide eggs on Sunday morning.

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I can bring some towels, some pillows, some rugs/blankets.Will bring on Wednesday.  

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Shirley will bring 10 hand towels, 6 cushions and a few oil lamps and a tub.