The Ride

When we see life, we can never see the whole thing. We know things will come that surprise us, and other times we see it coming from a mile away; but one thing we will never understand is God. All that He does in our lives, even the fact that He gave us life can sometimes seems such a mystery. Of course, we can understand some things about Him and His role in our lives, and through reading His Word we have many questions answered, yet in our own lives the story that unfolds is greater than we could ever imagine. Let me explain.

The Freedom in Obedience

Our lives should be about fulfilling God’s purpose yet many of us miss His awesome plan for our lives because we choose to follow our preferences rather than God’s will. As we become members of His body and citizens of His kingdom we receive gifts that enable us to accomplish His will, yet most of us stubbornly hold on to what we know rather than to abandon ourselves into His arms to be led by His Spirit in the discovery of our new identity and giftedness.